Steve Gannon

Fifth Team Leading Scorer in 2006-07. He was banging them in for the Thirds when he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury, which out him out for the second half of 2007-08 season. But he still won the Thirds' leading goalscorer award with 18.

Sam Howarth

Imposing centre back for the Seconds.

Sy Gleave

Joined at the start of 2013-14 season, establishing himself as right-back for the Fourths.

James Hanson

Came through Mellor's Junior ranks to play for the Firsts towards the end of season 2012-13. Midfielder or forward.

Niall Hope
Josh Granite

Christian Hynes

Defender. Joined in 2010-11 season, playing mainly for the Thirds. made his First Team debut in April 2011 in a 2-1 away win v Hazel Grove. A member of the Thirds' Whitehead Cup winning side in May 2011. In 2011-12 he was promoted to the Seconds.

James Humphries

Made his debut as a sub in a Reserve Team game v Tintwistle in October 2011.

Wayne Grandison

Aaron Greaves

A member of the Fourth Team's Hellawell Shield Final team in April 2010. He's also a referee.

Bobby Gee

Jack Hilton


One of the youngest players ever to represent Mellor. He made his debut (for the Seconds) at just 16. In 2010-11 he broke into the First Team, scoring freely, including two goals against Govan in September 2010. Scored the winning goal in the 2014 Stockport Senior Cup Final v Poynton.

Pete Herdan


Joined Mellor in September 2010, as a striker for the Fourths.

Jonathan Hunt


Strong, powerful centre back who made his debut in a 3-0 home win for the First v Old Trafford on 10.10.09 in central midfield. DoB 3.11.87

Ben Herdan

Sam Healey

A member of the Fourth Team's Hellawell Shield Final team in April 2010. He scored in the match. Captain of the Thirds' Whitehead Cup winning side in May 2011. Third Team Players' Player of the Year 2011. Thirds' Players' Player of the Year again in 2012.


Andy Given

Striker who only needs some upper body strength (or a course of steroids) to make a real impact. Knows where the net is .... and doesn't need to be told twice to take it down after games, unlike some of his team mates. A Burnley fan, he has played for the second and third teams but in 2008-09 he broke into the First Team and staked a regular place. He played with the Second Team in 2002-2003 season and scored regularly until he hit a post, with his wrist...breaking it. Won the Third Team's Player of the Year Award in 2002-03. Once turned up for a game against Bedians away with two left boots....and tried to put them on! Leading scorer in the Second Team in 2004-05 and joint leading goalscorer in 2005-06. Second Team Leading Scorer again in 2006-07. Can be a genius at times. Left Mellor to join Cheadle Hulme Villa mid season in 2009-10. Nickname: Given. DoB 8.3.84.


Paul Goodwin

Good feet, good vision, he is now working on his overall fitness. Rather than think stamina is a dog food he has developed good all round durability. A third teamer - often Man of the Match - he could go higher if he pushed himself. A rather nifty goalie too, in a crisis. Claims to have set an all-time club record in 2002-03 by playing in every position on the field. Manager's Player of the Year for the Third Team 2004-05. People say he bears an uncanny resemblance to Nick Cotton out of EastEnders. Click on his face and see if you agree. Nickname: Podge. DoB 20.4.82


Marc Green

Fourth team keeper, who joined Mellor at the start of 2004-05 season. Agile, good shot stopper and not afraid to come out. Made three excellent saves in Mellor's 0-1 Hellawell Shield Final defeat in May 2005. Started the 2005-06 season between the posts for the Second Team. Manager's Player of the Year for the Fourth Team in 2004-05. Returned after a two year spell away from 11-a-side football to play in a friendly for the Seconds at the start of the 2012-13 campaign. DoB 28.4.84

Des Hinks

Played mainly for the Thirds in 2006-07. A clever central midfielder with an eye for a through pass.

Ken Guest

Made his debut for the Thirds v Parrs Wood in September 2007. An agile keeper who inspires confidence in his defenders. A member of the victorious Whitehead Cup winning side of 2008-09.


Chris Hanson

Strong central midfielder who joined the club with the under 17s at the start of 2006-07 season. He has also appeared in the Second Team.

Paul Hawkins

Forth team full back.

Adam Holmes


A strong running forward who joined Mellor in 2005-06 and became part of the newly formed Fifth team. He re-joined the club in 2007-2008 season, playing for the Fifths as a powerful striker with a superb attitude. Has great ball control when running with the ball and has tonnes of determination. Never lets his head go down so will always get you a goal. Nickname Sherlock.


Rory Harrison

First team squad member in 2002-03, who plays at wing back or midfield. Good technique, quick feet and an excellent turn of pace. Came on as a sub in the Stockport Senior Cup Final and made a big impression. Sadly he was sent off near the end of the SSC semi-final and spent the first five weeks of the 2003-04 season as a spectator. Claims to have Welsh ancestry, which has prompted some rather unsavoury farmyard impressions from colleagues. Played 2003-04 for his pal Ryan in the fourth team and followed him to the thirds in the following season. Nickname: Rors. DoB 9.6.84


Danny Hayes

Mellor's Wayne Rooney, an all-action right-side, left-side or central midfielder who seems to brush aside opponents twice his size. After impressing in pre-season training he started his career in open age football in the second team in 2002-2003 season. Great stamina, electric pace, all he needs is experience, a little more steadiness near goal and a Friday night curfew to keep him out of the pub! His mum's on the case. Second Team's (joint) Player of the Year 2002-03 but managed to leave his trophy in the manager's car for five months! Nickname: Danny. DoB 20.6.85.



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