1. Who played in most games for Mellor FC (either as a starter or a sub) in 2012-13?

2. Who made most appearances as a substitute in 2012-13?

3. How many goals did Mellor Firsts score in their Rhodes Cup campaign in 2012-13 (three matches). Was it (a) 10 (b) 15 (c) 19 (d) 21 ?

4. Two First Teamers scored four goals in a match last season. Name them.

5. One Mellor First Teamer came off the bench to score a hat trick in 2012-13. Who was he?


6. Which former Mellor player met Evander Holyfield in 2013?


7. Which Mellor player has this tattoo?


8. Which Mellor player is mooning here ?


9. Which Mellor player owns this dog?


10. Who is this sexy Mellor player?


11. As of Friday night (November 29th) who had the most photographs on his Facebook page with 1280? Andy Kuehl, Kev Murray, Adam Barlow or Matt Peck.

12. Which ex Mellor player has a gravel drive as his Facebook profile picture?


13. Who is this clown?


14. Which ex Mellor player is asleep in the bath?


15. Who is this ghoul?


16. Craig Fairfield was the Second Team's leading goalscorer in 2012-13. How many did he get ?


17. Mellor Firsts played 32 competitive games in 2012-13. How many clean sheets did they keep? (a) one (b) three (c) five (d)seven


18. Who is the Mellor player picture above asleep as his girlfriend shops for clothes?


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1.Dave Whelan (30)

2. James Archer (10)

3. (d) 21

4. Ben Wade, Dave Whelan

5. Jonny Cooke v Eagle Res (Stockport Senior Cup)

6. Phil Welsh

7. Joe Dalby

8.Matt Peck

9.Adam Axford

10.Carl Brindley

11. Kev Murray

12. Gav Thornley

13. Paul Swann

14. Maciek Sobiegraj

15. Jack Hilton

16. Five

17 (b) three

18. Adam Barlow








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