An occasional look back into Mellor FC's history


The Thirds' game at Brabyns against local rivals Govan on 24.3.07 ended goalless. But it was enlivened by a brilliant tackle from Tim Phillips, using a KIT BAG.

Phillips had slid off the pitch while making a tackle. When he spotted a Govan player trying to take a quick throw in Phillips launched a nearby bag at him, causing the player to jump and raise a foot thereby making his throw illegal.

The referee promptly awarded Mellor a throw!

Tim Phillips



Team photos are always a dangerous exercise for cameramen....who often fail to spot the player with his todger out.

Here Si Boydell shows he's a big boy at Torky Park in a Fourths picture from 2005. (censored)

Si is of course one of the more charismatic performers who has worn Mellor's shirt over the years... as my photos show.

Si as mutant frog-warrior

Si as sparkly disco-ball



Mellor FC beat New Mills in a Cup Final. It's the Rhodes Cup Final on 2.5.87 and Mellor win by a single goal scored by Roy Purlan.

In the picture below Dick Bell challenges the New Mills goal.

The match was the 18th in an unbeaten run of cup and league games for Mellor.

In the last nine of those games, including the final, Mellor conceded only one goal.

That season Mellor played 33 games, winning 24 and losing only one. The side's goal record was for 101 against 27.










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