Ryan Yates - Transatlantic footy sensation

Mellor FC star Ryan Yates who is spending a sabbatical in Canada has been named as his new football team's Most Valuable Player.

Having notched 11 goals in 9 games for Mellor Seconds before he left, the Romiley rocket has bagged 10 goals in 9 games for Burnaby Spartans in the land of lumberjacks.

People can keep in touch with Ryan via Facebook or write to him in Vancouver, which was recently voted the World's best city to live in.

It is believed Ryan chose his new home after watching a TV commercial which implored: Drink Canada Dry.

He is working as a landscape gardener so if he needs any advice on cutting down trees he won't be bothering John Bellis.

His address is

1104-1960 Alberni Street


British Columbia


V6B 1B6




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PIC 1 Ryan Yates