Funding and Sponsorship

The club is looking for extra funding and sponsorship. We will be holding some fundraising events soon. But one of the simplest ways to help the club and therefore help yourselves is to use the sponsors we already have. You will have noticed some changes to the front page of the website. We are giving prominence to the people and companies who back and support Mellor and we hope players and officials will reciprocate. You won't all need the services for example of Tony Park, who is a top sales, leadership and change management trainer. But even if one player recommends Tony and he wins business through that lead his backing for the club will have been rewarded. Equally if you need computer ink think first of Kevin Murray and Inkbox. If you want a meal out, try the Dolce Vita.. Alexander Windows have sponsored Mellor handsomely. And anyone using Carolyn Dearsley for mortgages and financial services will trigger substantial funding for Mellor FC. If you have a business and require promotion let me know. Let's support our friends in these tough economic times.


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