End of Season Party - THE WINNERS

The Marple Tavern was filled with laughter for the club's end of season presentation night...and that was just at the shirts worn by John Bellis and Kev Murray. Around 80 players and officials attended to see the season's heroes pick up their awards. Here (below) is the full list of winners.


Dunc Bray (left), George Dearsley and Phil Brown with the Whitehead Cup

Kev Murray, (left) and John Bellis arrive for the Redneck Night at the Marple Tavern


First Team Top Goalscorer: Mike Sharpe & Mike Palmer

First Team Player of the Year: Ben Beer

First Team Players' Player of the Year: Chris Coram (the housewives' favourite)

Second Team Top Goalscorer: Kev Murray

Second Team Player of the Year: Dave Whelan

Second Team Players' Player of the Year: Scott Cassidy

Third Team Top Goalscorer: Sam Parker

Third Team Player of the Year: Rick Monton

Third Team Players' Player of the Year: John Callaghan

Fourth Team Top Goalscorer: Maciek Sobiegoraj

Fourth Team Player of the Year: Paul Wild

Fourth Team Players' Player of the Year: Stu Ridgway


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PIC 1 The awards
PIC 2 Ben Beer (left) and Chris Coram
PIC 3 Mike Sharpe looking like a Dr Who enemy
PIC 4 Kev Murray wondering how he can get a chain on his medallion to go with that hairy chest
PIC 5 Rick Monton
PIC 6 Stu Ridgway
PIC 7 Paul Wild
PIC 8 Ryan Yates and Phil Brown's missus Emma.
PIC 9 Phil Brown (left), Mike Johnson and Sam Parker
PIC 10 Third Team members (left to right) Sam Parker, Ian Russell, Dec McManus, Dunc Bray, John Callaghan and Rick Monton
PIC 11 Third Team members (back row, left to right) John Callaghan, Mike Barlow, Dec McManus, Rick Monton, Terry Wilson, Ian Russell. (front row) Matty Wyatt, Phil Brown, Dunc Bray and Sam Parker