No modern amateur club can survive without a tremendous amount of voluntary work - often many hours a week - from largely unsung heroes.

Apart from the Hambleton family, who helped to found the club, special thanks should go to the following who have assisted the club down the years and to the many long suffering wives and girlfriends. John Bellis, Stewart Lindsay, Nigel Redfern, George Dearsley, Phil Norbury, Roy Conner, Dave Yarwood, Dave Heywood, Dave Garnett, Tony Atkin, John Taylor, Thomas Hood, Alan Kennington, the late Keith Moore, the late Mike Monks, Jimmy Pelosi, John Schofield, the late Jack Walker, Dominic Coupes, Steve Hannan, Jon Cosgrove, Jamie Philp, Steve Brown, Alex Wharton, Paul Telfer and Ryan Yates.

Thanks are also due to John Harrison of Marple Rugby Club and the governors and staff of the Ridge Danyers Sixth Form College, especially Sandy MacDonald and Brian Ellis.

Thanks also to Charlie Snowdon of da Vinci Communications who designed our club badge and this website!